"> Old Cowboy Batwing Chaps/Chinks

ANTIQUE EMPORIUM of Deadwood, South Dakota

Batwing Chaps

Old Cowboy Chaps/Chinks
IRVIN MAYES, Del Rio, Texas 

Short Cowboy or Child? 
This is an antique pair of CHAPS or CHINKS (don't know which).
They appear to be in the shape of BATWINGS (very full leg).
They are about 26" from waistband to bottom of legs; 26" is the
widest part of the bottom batwing leg; & 26" is the waist size.
Backs are missing ties, etc. to close leggings. (Thick) leather is
not brittle, but it is not supple either!  It has definitely seen
MANY YEARS of cowboying....these are OLD!
Maker mark is stamped on front of both sides of waistband:
Right stamp is not as clear as left side.
Original pocket on right side is missing....
Backs have pieces of reinforcement that don't look original.
There are a couple of large tears/holes at left side.  Also, some
stitching is missing--mostly at top waistband.
The riveting to hold the belt into the waistband was reinforced with a
different rivet MANY YEARS AGO....so I don't know if the belt is
original (VERY SHORT FOR A CHILD?) or was shortened.
These old chinks are not perfect...but, they certainly have the look;
AND, the added bonus of the makers' marks--not easy to find!
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