"> 1931 DEVIL DOG Car Alarm~Pukwana, SD-Made

ANTIQUE EMPORIUM of Deadwood, South Dakota

Devil Dog SOLD!!

1930s Car (Auto) Alarm 

Northwest Electric Co., Pukwana, South Dakota
This is a 1930s CAR ALARM called a DEVIL DOG.  It was made by Northwest
Electric Co. of Pukwana, South Dakota in 1930/31.  It is a heavy lead-type metal; bomb-shaped; size is 6" tall by 2-1/2" at widest;
contains original (faded) label:
"An Automatic Devil Dog...basically worked like a tilt mechanism in a pin ball machine.
The owner could turn on a Hidden switch when leaving the car and if the car was bumped, or
jarred from someone entering the car. the mechanism would trip and intermittently sound the car horn.
The sensativity of the unit could also be set to make the horn sound more or less depending on the car
movement. Some people went as far as hooking it to a buzz coil that would shock the would be thief."
Note:  February 1931 issue of Popular Mechanics has an ad for this
"queer electrical watchman" and lists profit opportunities to sell them. 
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