"> 1929 K&E Farm Level #5691-Complete

ANTIQUE EMPORIUM of Deadwood, South Dakota

Farm Level SOLD!!
1929 The Favorite Farm Level
Keuffel & Esser Co.
No. 5691 ~ Complete
This is called THE FAVORITE FARM LEVEL, No. 5691,
manufactured by KEUFFEL & ESSER CO. of New York, dated
1929. It was "designed to meet the demand for a reliable and durable
instrument...of every Farmer, Landscape Gardener, Roadmaker..."
It contains the original dovetailed, wood box; BRASS level; plumb
bob; tin with sandpaper & washer; and Directions booklet.
"The telescope, magnifying about 8 times, is 10 inches long, with 5/8"
object glass and an eyepiece.  The telescope revolves horizontally on
its center, and can be secured in any position by means of the clamp
screw. At the side of the telescope is a sensitive spirit level, 2-1/2"
long, protected by a strong brass casing. The horizontal circle is
numbered from 0 to 360 degrees and is divided to single degrees."
Top of level is stamped FAVORITE; end telescopes out about 1".
There is some kind of scratch or fracture mark on the glass that can't
be felt on the inside or outside; however, it does not show up when you
look through the scope--cross lines are present. 
12-page booklet is well-detailed & gives complete instructions: "good
results can easily be obtained even by those who have had no professional
training and who are not familiar with the processes of land surveying."
Wood box is 5-1/2"x5-1/2"x11-1/2"; has metal closures.
All items are in Very Good Condition (other than "scratch").
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