"> HMC Deadwood Commemorative 1976 Token

ANTIQUE EMPORIUM of Deadwood, South Dakota

HMC Token SOLD!!

1976 Commemorative TOKEN 

Deadwood Centennial 1876-1976 
Just dug out a grouping of tokens/medals...but unfortunately I don't
have a scanner & my camera takes really bad close-ups---sorry!
This token commemorates the Deadwood Centennial of 1876-
1976 in this token dated April 9, 1976, from HOMESTAKE
GOLD MINE, which closed a few years ago here in Lead, SD.
One side depicts how DEADWOOD looked when gold was found
in 1876 & obverse shows a miner drilling at the GOLD MINE.
Size of brass token is 1-1/8", very detailed & in GREAT condition.
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